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N° de Inventario: 2063

Título: A Practical Course in Terminology Processing
Autor: SAGER, Juan
Cant. de Páginas: 254
Peso: 365
Medidas: 15x22
Año: 1990

Reseña: Since the advent of the computer, terminology management can be carried out by almost anyone who has learnt to use a microcomputer. Terminology management has proved to be an efficient tool in international communications in industry, education and international organizations. Software packages are readily available and international corporations often have their own terminology database. Following these developments, translators and terminologists are confronted with a specialized form of information management involving compilation and standardization of vocabulary, storage, retrieval and updating.

The book provides the key to methods of terminology management for the English language, for general and specific purposes. This unique course has been developed on the basis of years of teaching experience and research at the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology (UK) and is particularly suitable for translation courses, freelance translators, technical writers, as well as for non-linguists who are confronted with terminology processing as part of their profession.

Contents: 1. What is terminology; 2. The cognitive dimension; 3. The linguistic dimension; 4. The communicative dimension; 5. Compilation of terminology; 6. Storage of terminology; 7. Retrieval of terminology; 8. Usage of terminology; Bibliography.

1990 - 254 Pages



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