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N° de Inventario: 2065

Título: A Practical Guide to Software Localization
Autor: ESSELINK, Bert
Cant. de Páginas: 310
Peso: 535
Medidas: 17x24
Año: 1998

Reseña: A Practical Guide to Software Localization covers many of the things a localizer will come across. It contains chapters on translating software, translating on-line help and documentation, translation memory tools, project management, and terminology management. The examples given in the book are applicable to most languages and they reference a typical localization project translated from English into French, Italian, German, and Spanish. The platforms discussed are Microsoft Windows and Apple MacOS. The book explores the daily tasks and responsibilities of project managers, localization engineers, and -most importantly- translators, and is designed as both a reference work and a teaching tool.

Bert Esselink has been active in localization for over a decade. After graduating in technical translation and taking university classes in programming and computational linguistics he worked for several years as software localizer, localization engineer, and technical project manager at International Software Products. In 1996 he joined ALPNET in Amsterdam as localization manager before taking on the role of globalization manager, developing internal production quality standards. In January 2000 Bert joined Lionbridge to head up their European globalization consulting services.

1998 - 310 Pages



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