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El vasto territorio de la Ñ Los traductores y los intérpretes también hacemos la política lingüística

Sylvia Falchuk holds a Bachelor?s Degree in English>Spanish Legal Translation. She is currently enrolled in a Master?s Program on Language Management in Argentina. She has over 25 years' experience in the Language Industry as Translator, Instructor, and University Professor. In October 2016, she was commissioned to teach two workshops at the CFI, California Federation of Interpreters Conference: "The Vast territory of the Ñ" and "What if we consider gender-neutral language in our profession, when appropriate?" Sylvia is the Director of Torre de Papel, an Argentinian Linguistic Consulting Agency. She has served as Content Director for EduArgentina, and as Coordinator of the First Convention of Translators & Interpreters organized by the Association of Certified Public Translators & Interpreters of Buenos Aires. She was Translation Program Director from 2013 to 2015. Since 2008, she has lectured on "Exports of Translation Services"; "The Linguistic Policies of Spain around the Spanish Language"; "How to Start your Own Translation Business" and "How to Successfully Participate in Congresses and Exhibition Halls".



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Buenos Aires, Argentina

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