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    Upon request we will send you a list of contacts at leading companies who will be able to provide first hand references.


We are very proud of our long professional relationship with our clients, in many cases dating back several years. Since 1984 we have been providing translation and interpretation services to the following Companies and Institutions:


Adart Producciones

Agulla & Baccetti

American Joint D.C.

American Plast

Anadelia S.A.

Area: Diseño

Asociación Argentina de Agencias de Publicidad

Ayer Vázquez S.A. de Publicidad

Banco Credicoop. Coop. Ltdo.

Bank Leumi

BBA Ediciones (Puerto Magazine)


Blanko S.R.L.

Bozell Argentina

Brass Time

Cabtel S.A.

Cambio Cerrito

Canal Abierto

Casares Grey y Asociados S.A.

CEPAL (Comisión Económica para América Latina)

Científica Argentina

Consejo Publicitario Argentino

Dipporto Indumentaria


Editorial Dimión S.A.

Editorial Puerto de Palos

EL Show Creativo de Canal 13

Estudio Creativo Altheim S.R.L.

F.A.C.C.M.A. (Federación Argentina de Entidades Macabeas)

Fundación Banco Mayo

Fundación Memoria del Holocausto

Fundación Psicopatológica Argentina

Gamsie Exportaciones

Graffiti DMB&B

Gráfica Segarot S.A.

Haamafia S.A.

Halabi y Asociados

Hilolandia S.A.

Hotel Conquistador

IDES (Instituto de Desarrollo Económico y Social)

Importadora Deme2

Industrias J. Matas

Instituto Movilizador de Fondos Cooperativos


Izrastzoff Bienes Raíces

La Bahiense

La Salamandra

Mercer Management Inc.

Nidera Exportaciones

Noblex S.A.

O.S.A. (Organización Sionista Argentina)

Ontyme Information Brokers

Pari, Renault, Gowland, H.R.

Paula Duce, Diseño Gráfico

Pérez Ulloa y Asociados

Planeta Tierra, Empresa de Viajes y Turismo


Radio Mitre

Radio Splendid

Residencias Cooperativas de Turismo (RCT)

Restaurante Bachín

Restaurante Bahía and Co.

Revista Compu Magazine

Revista El Publicitario

Revista Lápiz Japonés

Revista Planeta Urbano

Revista Terapia Familiar

Revista Urgente y Especial

Rozzaroli Publicidad

Russ S.R.L. (Agendas Citanova)

Servas Argentina


Sir William Halcrow and Partners Ltd.

Sociedad Latinoamericana de Inversiones

Soft Office S.A.

Sun Distribution Group

Universidad Nacional de General Sarmiento

Valenti y Asociados

Video Cable Comunicación (VCC)


William M. Mercer S.A.

We have a proven experience and track record in the following fields:



Air Conditioning


Car Industry

CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

Economy and Finance


Fontanarrosa y Asociados

Food Industry


Hotel Marbella

Human Resources

Hydraulic Engineering

Information Technology

ISO Standards





Mechanics and Assembly methods


Nutrition, hydration and obesity



Pigments and Paints


Sports Medicine

Telecommunications, Broadband, Internet

Training for salespeople and managers



Tourism and Hotel Industry

1990-1998 Period: Our Agency started rendering simultaneous and consecutive interpretation services in 1990. Due to space reasons, in this page you will only see the events held as from 1999.


International Defense Resources Management Course, organized by the Defense Resources Management Institute of Monterey, California. (September, 10 days).

Update on Navini Networks´ products for wireless Internet access.

Palliative care. Conferences given by Dr. Robert Twycross and sponsored by Pallium Argentina

Videoconference organized by the US Treasury Department and the Federal Reserve for the launching of the new 20 dollar bill: "The new color of money"

Workshop on the use of the Internet for investigative reporters – Sponsored by The World Press Institute, Investigative Reporters & Editors, Universidad Católica Argentina

Phosphorus in agriculture

XI International Philosophy Olympiad

Teradata Day in Argentina, organized by NCR

Meeting between Customers and Teradata´s International VP

Workshop for Telefónica de Argentina staff given by NCR consultants.

Meeting among Walter Thompson officials

Teleconference sponsored by General Electric International Inc.

Simultaneous translation of consumer focus groups for Carrefour executives

GEAPS Exchange 2003 – Columbus, Ohio, United States

Launch of the Travelers Cheques solidarity campaign and Employee Town Hall for American Express

Meetings between Microsoft officials and corporate customers

Unilever Best Foods staff meeting

Trust Funds Conference (Rosario).


Product launch for Hitachi Data Systems

Press conference for Convergys´ launch in Argentina

American Express International Seminar headed by Ken Chenault, CEO and Chairman of the Board of American Express International

Videoconference with Nextel´s CEO

Press conference and individual interviews for PeopleSoft-Duke Energy

International Symposium on sports sciences and sports medicine

Teleconference organized by General Electric International, Inc.

International Congress organized by the Gatorade Sports Science Institute

III International Training "Chinchilla breeding, husbandry and marketing"

Training worksop for Avon staff members

International Grouping of Lawyers Conference

Training course for BMX Commissaries, Río Cuarto, Córdoba

Second International Conference on Bank Marketing, organized by AMBA

Conference on grain silos

International Defense Resources Management Course, organized by the Defense Resources Management Institute of Monterey, California. (October, 10 days).

Seminar on Directional Drilling.

Sixth International Symposium "AIDS 2002".

30th Argentine Congress on Respiratory Medicine.

International Defense Resources Management Course, organized by the Defense Resources Management Institute of Monterey, California (September, 10 days).

Simultaneous Translation for Workjet S.A.

Simultaneous Translation in an Update Course for Computar SRL.

Simultaneous Translation for presentations to customers by Teradata´s VP.

Consecutive Translation for executives of Cooperativa de Crédito y Vivienda Unicred (Housing and Credit Union).

Conference given by Ron Swift, Customers Relations VP with NCR.

Consecutive Translation at meetings held between AGEERA officials (Association of Power Generators of the Argentine Republic) and former New Zealand Treasury Secretary.

BGI Fifth Conference 2002.

Presentation on Microsoft. NET Framework for developers.

Visit of Sir Martin Sorrell, WPP´s CEO.

Simultaneous translation of the speech addressed to employees by NCR´s CEO.


II World Congress on City Networks "Global CN 2002".

Argentine Congress on Traumatology and Orthopedics.

Consecutive Translation at meetings held between officials of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Worship and representatives of the Canadian Embassy.

Consecutive Translation for Zurich Seguros.

Ciena Lightworks Seminar.

Defense Resources Management Course.

IDC Storage Forum.

Biotec Seminar on Alginates.

Conferences on CRM sponsored by AMBA (Banking Marketing Association of Argentina) during the Banking Marketing Congress.

International Defense Resources Management Course, organized by the Defense Resources Management Institute of Monterey, California.

"Buenos Aires Consults Seminar", organized by Merrill Lynch.

Presentation of a new concept in ATM: "Freedom"

International Conference "Broadband 2001".

First International Conference of the AIDS International Society on HIV Pathogenesis and Treatment.

NCR Presentation for supermarkets.

Presentation of a new Sony product.

International Symposium on Health, Life Quality and Physical Activity - Rosario (10th year in a row).

Consecutive Translation for PeopleSoft.

"Convergence of voice and data" - Conference organized by Alcatel.

Consecutive Translation for Peoplesoft in the context of CRM South America.

Course on Software Answers for Glaxo SmithKline staff.

Simultaneous Translation for the International Women’s Media Foundation at the Freedom Forum Office in Buenos Aires.

Meeting between Tom Reika, from NCR, and some of NCR´s customers.

Fidelity Investments presentation given by Todd Glosson.

Press Conference by Peoplesoft and Balanced Scorecard Collaborative.

World Congress on Infant and Child Gynecology.

Course on TLL 9000, quality standard for telecommunications.

"Palliative Care in the last days of life"

"The leaders of the future", seminar on Education for Entrepreneurs, with the presence of Alvin Toffler and Mohammed Yunus.

Presentation of a Study sponsored by Cartoon Network.

Presentation by Imark Communications.

Presentation by AMBA and American Express on Data Security

Press Conference lead by Sony Corporation´s President.

Presentation of the local contest ThinkQuest, organized by

Delta Airlines press conference.

Congress on Laparoscopic and Video Assisted Surgery.

Presentation by Microsoft’s Legal Executive Vice President at Allende & Brea Law Firm.

Teleconference on Glaxo–Smith Kline Beecham merger.

Seminar organized by British Telecom and Impsat.

National Traumatology Congress.

Press Conference with the captains of BT Global Challenge yacht race

Workshop organized by NCR.

Presentation on AIDS and Drugs.

Meetings held with Citibank Private Investments Group customers.

Presentation by Microsoft Argentina on games and related hardware.

International Congress on the Foot.

Presentation by Delphi Automotive Systems at Automotriz 2000 (Automobile Fair 2000).

Third Symposium on Sports-Medical Nutrition and Hydration, Rosario.

First International Symposium on Strength and Power related to Sports, Physical Activity, Fitness and Rehabilitation.

Interviews between Microsoft and the Media.

NCR Seminar on ATM Security.

International Defense Resources Management Course for officers of the Argentine Armed Forces, organized by the Defense Resources Management Institute of Monterey, California.

Fifth International Symposium "AIDS 2000".

Press Conference on Lockheed Martin and Compsat merger.

Questions and Answers on Gynecologic Laparoscopy.

AAPRESID Eight National Congress.

Seminar for Call Centers managers organized by Proaxion.

Interviews with the media on Avanade, the joint venture between Microsoft and Andersen Consulting.

Seminar on TMS for American Express staff.

Presentation of Liebert´s expansion plan in Argentina.

Consecutive Translation at meetings for Citibank Private Investment Group.

Presentation by Quintus on a software for Call Centers.

Seminar on Team Building for American Express staff.

Presentation of COMSAT expansion plan in Argentina.

Seminar on Pricing for American Express staff.

Presentation by Extreme Connection S.A.

Workshop on the Botha Method at the Argentine Congress on Neuropediatrics.

Presentation of the WTTC report. Seminar sponsored by American Express.

Presentation for NCR before Carrefour managers and the company’s customers. Conferences given by Ronald Swift, Data Warehousing Marketing VP, and the Computer Systems Group.

"A New Era in the treatment of the flu".

Seminar on Journalism and Libel and Slander Offenses, sponsored by the Freedom Forum and the International Center for Journalists.

Consecutive Translation at a training course for instructors, given by a Les Milles International representative.

Seminar on E-learning sponsored by Exo Training Center.

First Argentine Congress on Sleep and Sleep Disturbances.

Course on Panja Control Systems.

Conference on "Joint Operations of the Argentine Armed Forces", given by Admiral W. Owens at the Navy Center.

Consecutive and Simultaneous Translation for EMC at COMDEX.

Official presentation of Iplan Networks.

Simultaneous Interpretation for NCR.

Translation of Focus Groups for P&G and Leo Burnett.

Mass Media and Internet, seminar sponsored by The Freedom Forum.

Presentation of Microsoft’s Community Service Program.

International course on Anthropometry.

Clean Air Initiative for the City of Buenos Aires.

Presentation of Avandia (Rosiglitazone) for SmithKline Beecham.

Presentation of 3M´s "Pressurized Metered Dose Inhalers with HFC".

"The leaders in distribution channels", conference organized by Booz Allen Hamilton

Conference on Network Security organized by Alcatel.

First Annual Meeting of the New Millennium of American Express Travel Services Network.

Consecutive Translation for SmithKline Beecham.

Training Course for Procter & Gamble Buyers.

"Services Fees", Seminar for Travel Agencies of American Express Travel Services Network.

Latin American Seminar of the National Business Travel Association.

GEMBA-KAIZEN Conference: "The key of the Japanese competitive advantage", given by Dr. Masaaki Imai at ADIMRA.

Rescheduling of Argentine companies debt in Capital Markets.

Training Workshop for Banco Río staff, given by the Corporate Executive Board.

First Workshop of the Emergencies Federal System.

Health and Sports Workshop, organized by Universidad Nacional de La Matanza, with the participation of Dr. Roy Shephard.

Seminar organized by ATKearney: Competitivity in the supply chain.

Presentation on securities markets, organized by Fidelity Investments.

Business breakfast organized by Citibank Capital Markets Department.

Presentation by A&C.

Simultaneous translation for the Association of Advertising Agencies.

Second C-Tech meeting organized by Microsoft.

Ernst & Young: Real Estate Strategies vs. Corporate Finance.

Course organized by Ericsson International.

Course for Team Management Systems trainers.

Tektronix Institutional presentation.

Seminar on trademarks organized by American Express.

Global Crossing Conference on telecommunications and submarine cables.

Journalistic Education in South America, seminar organized by The Freedom Forum

Conference on variable compensation, organized by Hewitt

3M´s Aldara Launching Conference.

Fitness Brazil.

Conference on international financial markets, organized by Citibank.

Global Crossing technical seminar.

"Ethics in the mass media and television news programs". Seminar sponsored by the U.S.A. Knight Foundation.

Consecutive Translation during two months at SmithKline Beecham headquarters.

Meetings held between NCR experts and Telefónica de Argentina representatives.

Simultaneous Interpretation for Merril Lynch S.A.

Simultaneous Interpretation for Polisur (Dow Chemical)

Year 2000 Seminar organized by Microsoft Argentina.

International Defense Resources Management Course, organized by the Defense Resources Management Institute of Monterey, California.

Simultaneous Interpretation for Lucent (International Division).

Simultaneous Interpretation for NCR.

Meetings held between Banco de Galicia staff and NCR experts.

Seventh International Congress on Sports Medicine.

Simultaneous Interpretation at Banks and member companies of the International Economic Research Foundation.

Congress on Direct Seeding.

Consecutive Interpretation at press interviews on Microsoft Encarta and the new Mouse.

Press interviews for Cisneros Television Group.

International Conference on Aviation.

Course on Cooling Tanks.

Presentation on the new marketing strategies and models of Wrangler S.A.

International Congress on Transportation, Transit and Highways.

"The Millennium Challenges": conference organized by Orion Software

Consecutive translation at meetings held between authorities of the Universidad de la Matanza and of the Marriot School of Business.

Presentation on Business Intelligence organized by Microsoft.

Conference given by Clyde Barter, from Duff & Phelps, organized by Merril Lynch Argentina.

Launching of Avon’s Solution Night Force.

Competence Management, seminar organized by IIR.

Simultaneous and Consecutive Translation for American Express’s Chairman and CEO.

International Workshop on berries and asparagus at the Horticulture Fair.

Argentine Gynecology and Obstetrics Congress.

Gas Contracts: Seminar organized by IIR.

Workshop on data warehousing organized by NCR.

"New advances in AIDS": Workshop organized by Fundación Huésped.

Training Course for Avon Cosmetics managers.

Data warehousing: Workshop organized by Informix Argentina.

Presentation by Newton S.A on the Asian stock exchange market

Unisoft-Clarion Seminar.

Training Seminar for American Express ESG.

Training Seminar for Procter & Gamble staff.

Voice over IP Seminar.

"Preparation for the year 2000": Presentation organized by the Freedom Forum.

Hardware and software products presentation organized by TechData U.S.A.

Presentation by Informix S.A.

Buenos Aires 1999 Solutions: Seminar organized by TechData.

Proactive Marketing: Workshop organized by IIR.

Leadership Systems: Workshop organized by Castello y Asociados for Aerolíneas Argentinas.

Press conference on Information Technology Piracy.

1999 Latin Aviation.

NCR Solutions ´99.

Human Resources Performance Management and Assessment.

DAS Latin American conference.

VSL post tensioning system.

Second Argentine Congress on Laparoscopic and Video Assisted Surgery.

Conference on the Last Mile, organized by IIR.

Presentation on 3M´s Aldara.

Target marketing Workshop for Boehringer Ingelheim.

Presentation by the Los Angeles Bureau and Visitors Center.

Translation and subtitling of movies for Video Vestal S.A. and Centro Integral de Video S.A.

Proof-reading of the translation of the book "De aquí para allá" by Saburo Okita. Editorial Eudeba.

General Correction, during 10 years, of "Tourism Perspectives and Studies", a trade magazine published by the Tourism Studies and Research Institute.


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