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El vasto territorio de la Ñ Los traductores y los intérpretes también hacemos la política lingüística

The vast territory of the Ñ. The linguistic and political role of translators and intepreters in their daily work

Sábado 13 de mayo de 2017, Gulfport, Mississippi, EE.UU. de 9 am a 3 pm

The Spanish Language has grown categorically in the past few years. It has become the second most-spoken language in the world, it will be the third most widely used web language by 2050, and 50 million people will speak Spanish in the U.S. However, most of the linguistic policies on the Spanish language are created by landmark institutions like the Real Academia Española, Academia Norteamericana de la Lengua and the Instituto Cervantes. Translators and interpreters are oblivious to the fact that while they sit alone with a computer, surrounded by dictionaries, glossaries and reference material, interpreting in courts, jails or hospitals, worried about stylistic, grammatical and terminological issues, they are also making linguistic policy. This workshop will reflect on the importance of understanding the political, cultural and economic factors of Spain surrounding the Spanish Language that impact language professionals' daily work and will challenge attendees to think about all these professional issues and exchange visions and thoughts. This workshop will be delivered in Spanish.


Objectives: This session will raise interest and awareness among translators and interpreters about the importance of the economic, cultural and political factors surrounding the Spanish language that have an impact on our daily work. We will invite translators and interpreters to measure the importance of these issues on our daily work. This session will also help professionals to develop critical thoughts on these topics, to better understand the importance of the Spanish language in the US, and to rethink our daily work activities and professional attitude.

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