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Traductores, traducciones, libros para traductores

Translation and Interpreting
Translation is basically an art –that of correctly interpreting the message of the source language and conveying it in the target language with its intended meaning. In order to meet this aim, it is essential to have a mastery of both the source language and the target language. Translation is an art that requires not only a sound education and background but also a wide experience in several fields and in the proper use of each language.

Free Quotations: We will be happy to provide free advice and quotations.

Flexibility: We adjust to each project’s requirements. We are interested in working with you, regardless of the size of your company or task– from a simple letter all the way up to a project involving several translators in different countries.

Confidentiality: We guarantee that all documents entrusted to us remain strictly confidential -now and in the future. We will also be happy to sign confidentiality agreements whenever you think that might be necessary.

File Keeping: Have you ever tried to find an old translation unsuccessfully? We keep in our files ALL translations, so that you will never lose an old translation. Just let us know and we will immediately re-send the translation to you at no additional cost.



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